Kokopu Fish for your Drain

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Please protect our waterways.
The aim of Eco Blue Fish is to teach people not to tip polluting wastes down our drains.  80% of the of the pollutants going into our streams and rivers are not caused by industrial businesses but from residential properties, coming from pesticides, waste oil, soap suds from washing cars, concrete mixers, washing paint brushes and many more.
Our streams, rivers, creeks, lakes and our oceans are being contaminated with plastics, glass, cleaning agents, waste oils and other petroleum based products, turning them uninhabitable for those that live in the water. Up to 80 percent of our rivers and streams are unfit for swimming in.

By placing one of our environment fish beside each drain with the words “DRAINS ONLY FOR RAIN” it encourages everyone to dispose of their waste the proper way.
The size of the Eco Fish is designed to be mounted on the kerbing.
Choice of Snapper or Trout design.

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